Merchandise & Quality  

Yarn variety: 100% combed Cotton yarn, 100% Polyester yarn, Blended yarn like, Cotton + Polyester, Polyester + Viscose, Cotton + Viscose, Polynosic, Polypropylene / Polyolefin, Nylon / Polyamide, Etc. are possible for us.

Fabric variety: Jersey, Pique, Interlock, Rib, Waffle, Herringbone, Flat back rib, Drop needle, Fleece and also all type of structure fabric in knits can be possible for us.

We also knit above fabric with Spandex / Elastane as per buyers requirements.

We also produce mercerized knitted garments.



We have a well equipped laboratory to check our product in all stages of production before shipment.

Before starting bulk cutting and stitching, we do the following tests in our laboratory.

  • i. Colour fastness.
  • ii. Colour change after wash.
  • iii. Colour staining to wash.
  • iv. Colour staining to dry rub and wet rub.
  • v. Spirality test.
  • vi. Shrinkage test.
  • vii. Sewing thread strength and its color fastness.

    Our labs are equipped with necessary instruments like Washing Machine, Laundro Meter, Crock Meter and Grey scale, etc for carrying out the above tests.

    We do laboratory testing for all parameters of a quality product based on long time usage.

    After the successful completion of the above tests, we start production through bulk cutting and Stitching.

    We maintain standard procedures in cutting and stitching to keep up the quality of work.

    Cutting and sewing stage, we do initial, inline & Final inspections for guaranteed workmanship.

    Everyday, our Quality Controllers inspect during production and maintain the quality throughout the process.