Samples & Specification  

A new customer like you will need our product samples to see the quality, workmanship and price of the garments we offer.

In order for you to get the details, please send your interested style of garments to us by courier or send your garment sketches along with necessary details like the measurement chart for each style you send.

Being a company that specializes in manufacturing and exporting of garments based on the requirements of our customers, we do not develop and keep sample items ahead of time. The only samples we hold are the patented ones of our other customers, which we are not permitted to use for business besides theirs.

Developing original samples based on your styles and Specifications will give you better perspective of our Quality, Workmanship and Price. Therefore after receiving the necessary details from you, we will let you our best Ex. works price for each article.

After your acceptance of our price, we will start the sampling work exclusively for you as per your instruction and ship it for your approval.

After seeing our samples if you are satisfied with our quality and workmanship then please proceed with your valuable orders.

We accept minimum order of 500 units per style / per colour.